Best International Cuisines for Foodies to Explore


In recent years, food from all over the world has become well-liked everywhere. Food is essential in all cultures. It is available everywhere in the world. Because of trade, we can also have different kinds of food at our houses.

When deciding where to go for our vacation, the food and drinks available there can play a significant role in helping us choose where to go. This is why we have compiled the best international cuisines for foodies to explore as they wish.

1.Spanish Cuisine

In Spain, people typically eat little beef or lamb. They like to eat pork, game meats, and seafood, especially the tasty seafood readily available by the coast. There are many delicious snacks; their recipes can be complicated and have various flavors. Tapas are famous dishes in Spanish cuisine.

2.Thai Cuisine

Many people currently have a strong desire for and take pleasure in Thai cuisine. Thai food and Chinese food are different. It has various soups and noodle dishes, including many fresh vegetables. Thai food is flavorful with spicy, tangy, bitter, and sweet tastes.

3.French Cuisine

French food was one of the first types of food that people worldwide began to like. It can be simple and fun or fancy and creative, similar to the food you get at fancy restaurants. In France, people consider bread, cheese, and wine essential to a meal. Even now, many skilled chefs like to learn how to cook using traditional French techniques.

4.Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese food includes lots of dishes that have vegetables and fresh fruit. They also have fresh fish and seafood, but only a little meat. Lebanese food is becoming more famous and enjoyed by people worldwide. One big reason why people like it is because of the mezze. It has various pickles, bread, vegetable sauces, and salads.

5.German Cuisine

In simpler terms, meat is an integral part of German food, and many kinds of sausages exist. Many individuals prefer to eat something other than German food. The meat and cheese at the charcuterie are delicious. They also have delightful bread and many different methods to prepare potatoes.

6.Korean Cuisine

In Korean cooking, people usually eat rice with meat, seafood, and vegetables as their primary food. In Korea, a regular meal usually includes rice and various small side dishes called Banchan. Kimchi is a popular dish made by fermenting cabbage. Some families like to eat kimchi with every single meal.

7.Japanese Cuisine

Japan has a unique way of making and getting food ready. Japanese food tastes delicious because they use great and very fresh ingredients. They take a lot of time to make sure the food is perfect. They use different components that cannot be found in other types of food. The particular time of year is very significant in Japanese cuisine.


8.South African Cuisine

South African food is a mix of dishes from various cultures. It is suitable for you and tastes great. In South Africa, people like to eat the traditional food from their own culture. The most popular foods people enjoy are Braai, which means cooking meat on fire, and tasty Malay dishes. The food is very fresh and is prepared using ingredients from nearby areas. South African food is made by mixing different flavors and ideas from the many cultures that live there.

9.Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean food is delicious; it makes us feel cozy and is cooked with care and affection. This food has been heavily influenced by African cuisine. Some people enjoy eating goat curry, callaloo, and rice and peas. Certain foods are bananas, hot peppers, coconuts, potatoes that taste sweet, and meat from goats. The well-known jerk seasoning can be added to nearly any meat or fish.

10.Greek Cuisine

Greek food is unique because it combines flavors from different places like the Mediterranean. It is also one of the oldest types of food in the world. A lot of Greek food has been around for a long time. It's necessary to use olive oil and fresh herbs to create tasty tastes. In Greece, most people eat lamb and pork more than beef, fish, and seafood, which are also liked but less.


11.Filipino Cuisine

Filipino food has changed because of different cultures throughout history. This Asian food has changed and adapted over time. Filipino food is unique and has various colors, similar to the country. It creates yummy food like paella (a dish with rice) and beef with bananas and tomato sauce.

12.Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistan is a recently formed country, but Afghanistan, India, and Iran have heavily influenced its cuisine for a significant period. Pakistani cuisine is the food from a part of Asia that many people don't know about. It has lots of traditions and delicious foods. There are many types of food to try because there are different places. Some famous dishes, like haleem, are made by simmering them.

Many people prefer eating lamb the most, and then they like beef, chicken, and goat. Many people use ghee and yogurt when they cook meat. In Pakistan, most people eat using their right hand. They usually pick up curries and other side dishes with naan bread or roti. This is a tradition in the Muslim community.

13.Mexican Cuisine

In simpler words, a lot of people all around the world are loving this food right now. You can buy tortillas all over the country and lots of eggs and vegetables. The food in Central and South Mexico is very delicious and fancy. It has many dishes that originated from the Mayan civilization long ago.


People all over the world now enjoy food from different countries. Our guide on the most delicious foods from other countries has helped you taste new and different dishes worldwide.