Top 10 Fast Food Hacks You Didnt Know


Did you know there are some ingenious hacks to elevate your fast food experience? If you prefer to spend less on meals, enhance the taste at meal chain restaurants and save money.

Nowadays, fast food has become the choice of many. Beyond the regular menu are the hidden secrets, hacks, and delights. From secret menus tantalizing your taste buds to customized foods catering to your needs, all these hacks turn an ordinary outing into an extraordinary culinary experience.

So, what's the wait for? Add an exciting twist to your favorite meals, change your ordering way, and savor your quick bites.

Top 10 Fast Food Hacks

Whether craving a taco twist or looking for amazing deals, these make the most of your fast food adventure.

1.Burger King: Get the Freshest Burger

It's one of the best hacks you'll want to know to get the freshest piece. When you order a burger, you must learn how long it's been prepared and stored in a warming basket. So, you want to ensure you're getting the freshest burger possible. Order a customized burger. This way, they will have to prepare a fresh one.

In addition, try customizing your order, as you can demand extra pickles, zero onions, or a little mayonnaise for a veggie burger. Thus, you get fresh food because it's easier to make a new customized sandwich than to tweak an already-wrapped burger or sandwich.


A lot of people need to learn that you can customize your food. Picky eaters might be aware of it. But to know you have the freshest food possible every time, pull up to your favorite fast food point.

2.McDonald's: Made-Up Holidays Are Your Best Friend

Is there a National Cheese Day or Gumdrop Day? On made-up holidays, you can avail yourself of exciting deals and freebies at your local fast-food restaurants.

It's National Hamburger Day on the 28th of May, so you'll get sweet offers to take advantage of the 'buy one get one free' offer. There's always something special on French Friday, Pizza Day, Ice Cream Day, or White Castle Checkers Day.

3.Starbucks: Stop Your Cup From Leaking

If you're a coffee drinker, you won't wait to get to Starbucks for your morning fix. But when you drive away, your coffee sometimes spills all over you or even inside the car. It's because they pour too much coffee into the cup.

The more coffee, the better, right? But it could be frustrating to walk in coffee-spilled clothes to work. To avoid this, drink in an upgraded cup. If you want a small order, they'll fill the coffee in a medium-sized cup, and this will prevent any coffee spills.

4.Starbucks: Order a Venti

Starbucks is more expensive than other coffee shops. Avoid spending all of your hard-earned paychecks on endless drinks. You can order a venti (a large black coffee). They divide 24 ounces of venti into two cups, 12 ounces each. So, instead of ordering a large cup, save a considerable amount of money, your barista, and effort simultaneously.


Also, if you're getting a cold drink, ask for light ice. You'll have more of the glass, and at the end of the day, you'll save some money.

5.McDonald's: Order the Best Bun

If you order a burger at McDonald's, you often get a strict bun, and it's not fluffy or soft. It ruins the whole meal's taste. A perfect burger has the right condiments.

If you ask for the bun used on the fish filet, you'll get the perfect bun Since it's steamed. So whether it's a burger or a Mcchicken sandwich, request a filet-o-fish bun.

6.Go for Kids Meal

Kids' meals are for more than just kids. No one's going to refuse to give you this meal. Ordering a kid's meal gets you some free food like corn or sour cream. There's also McDonald's Happy Meal, which is perfect.

Burger King and Wendy's offer reasonable portions suitable for grown-ups and at a considerable price. Whether it's to fill an afternoon craving or fill up the tummy for the day, opting for a kid's meal might be an intelligent choice.

7.McDonald's: Save Money on Chicken Mcnuggets

Who doesn't love chicken MC nuggets? Everyone does, but avoid buying in bulk. If you want more, buy four packs because it'll cost less. Also, you get one dipping sauce for a big nugget pack. However, get extra dipping sauce in four groups. That's the best money-saving hack.

8.Taco Bell: Make your Food Crunchy

When you order crunchy items at Taco Bell, they usually need more time to provide everything right. But extra crunchy food is something that you'll love. So, ask them to grill it twice, and they have to do so you keep coming back.

9.McDonald's: Tweak Your McFlurrys

Oreo MC Flurry has a superior flavor. If you want to up your mcflurry game to the fullest, try this sweet treat with a crumbled-up apple pie and hot caramel sauce.

However, you can save a few bucks on your MC flurry by ordering a sundae with a cookie topping of your choice and enjoying your decadent DIY MC flurry.

10.Know When To Go

Sometimes, you can't control hunger hits, but if you can, know when to go and get your fast food. That's to avoid getting leftovers or stale food. During busy times like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you'll wait a little longer to get your order, but at least your order will be fresh.

Showing up before closing or after the dinner rush, you'll most likely end up with unwanted burgers and nuggets. So, mind your timings.


The only way to fulfill your cravings is fast food. From a clever, budget-friendly menu to getting fresh food, you've got all you need. With these top 10 hacks, you can customize your meals and save hundreds of bucks.

Whenever you find yourself at your favorite fast food spot, apply these tips to enter a flavorful journey.