Top 10 Coffee Cultures Around the World: A Journey for Caffeine Lovers


Coffee is quite more popular than red wine in Europe. It has been more than a morning eye-opening potion. In the early ages, coffee was just part of Europe's morning sessions, but now it is used worldwide. You might only know about Italian Espresso as it is pretty popular, but in this article, we will share the top 10 places and flavors in the world known for their elegant coffee taste. Stick with the guide so you don't miss out on the best places to try coffee.

Places That Are Known for Best Coffee Ever

If you love traveling and have seen beautiful places offering stunning nature views, then you should be grateful because very few get a chance to have such beautiful tours. But if you haven't taken coffee, then unfortunately, you just missed out on a precious treasure, as each region has its personal touch.

1.    Italian Espresso

There is nothing like espresso for the ultimate coffee lovers. Espresso is considered the best coffee variant in the world that can ignite your taste buds and satisfy your caffeine passion.

The main ingredient in making the espresso is native coffee beans. These coffee beans are carefully brewed with hot water to create a magnificent espresso scent. Espresso can be found in every corner of Italy, so if you ever get a chance to land in Italy, don't miss this coffee.

2.    Turkish Coffee

Coffee has created its roots in every corner of the world. Where most people fall in love with coffee, Turkish people stand first among them. Coffee prepared by the Turkish people is pretty different in taste compared to coffee made in Europe.

Even the method of preparing coffee is quite different; it is known as "Kako” in their local language. The coffee beans are boiled in a special type of pot called “Ibrik." Once beans are boiled and form a  lather  on top, then, they add cream and create  a special texture for coffee called "kaymak." In Turkish land, coffee is used as a hospitality symbol. This truly unique coffee-making method has inspired many coffee lovers, and you may be the next.

3.    Ethiopian Coffee

After the espresso, Ethiopian coffee is 2nd most demanded coffee in the world and is also appreciated by many coffee lovers. Ethiopian coffee holds a different place in history and the people's hearts. One thing that will amaze you about Ethiopian coffee is that in every region, like Yirgacheffe,  Sidamo, and Harar, the coffee has a unique and different taste of coffee from others.

The one thing common in all Ethiopians is that the coffee beans are grown with the next level of care; they treat them like newborns, and it's the only reason nothing can be compared with Ethiopian coffee beans.

4.    Japanese Coffee

If you consider yourself a true coffee lover who can sense perfection and precision, then the only place in this world that can be perfect for you "Is Japan."In Japanese culture, coffee is served as a warm, welcoming gesture after the Sake ." For them, Japanese coffee is not just a beverage created with ground beans; making a perfect coffee is an art only a few can master.

5.    Colombian Coffee

Besides the fantastic landscaping and heartwarming nature view, Colombia is also famous for its heart-melting coffee taste. Colombia has earned a separate fan base in the heart of coffee lovers all these years. Colombian coffee is made with the naïve beans that grow on the fertile land of Colombia. These beans are roasted and added to caramel and chocolate for a traditional Colombian taste.

6.    Vietnamese Coffee

If you want to taste dark bold, flavor coffee that makes you say, “Wow,” then Vietnamese is the only place you have to visit. The coffee beans made are uncommon from the other coffee beans. These beans not only make your coffee taste sweet but also make it strong. These coffee beans are brewed in a special drip filter known as "Phin” to make your coffee smell more elegant and sweet.

7.    Australian Coffee

Speaking of the culture of coffee, Australia has created its fate. In Australia, coffee is treated differently, unlike in the rest of the world. Take coffee to make them active for the rest of the day, but coffee is treated as a life in Australia. There is no fixed time of the season for having a coffee. In Australia, coffee is brewed in many different ways, which is why Australian coffee hits differently.

8.    Scandinavian Coffee

Coffee plays differently in the cold lands of Scandinavia. In Scandinavia, no doubt people freeze to death, but Scandinavian coffee is a lifesaver. First, no one can beat the taste of coffee beans grown in frozen lands with a unique taste and perfection. If you want to feel the taste of frozen coffee beans, Scandinavia is the best place. In Scandinavian lands, the coffee is served with a sweet piece of bread to endow you with the best coffee feeling ever.

9.    Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is the powerhouse of coffee production and is a true haven for coffee lovers. In this country, people may die due to starvation but will never run out of coffee. The coffee beans produced in Brazil have an immersive taste due to the environment and fertile soil, which is why Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans. So if you visit the holy place, don't forget to taste the coffee of the largest beans exporter.

10. Moroccan Coffee

If you are standing in the land of delightful and aroma coffee beans originating from the region Maghreb, don't miss out on the opportunity to drink a coffee. Coffee holds a different place in the hearts of Moroccan people.

Moroccan people mainly serve this coffee at a gathering or event. The coffee in Morocco has a traditional unique taste because, along with the coffee beans, people add other spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom, according to their desire.


This article holds an immersive intel for coffee lovers only. If you think there is no other coffee like espresso, then you should read the article and think twice.