How to Make Travel Snacks: Top 10 Easy & Healthy Recipes


If you love to plan and go for a long drive to add thrill to your life, that's amazing, but traveling without snacks will be pretty boring. To give a thrill to your adventure, we will share some excellent healthy snacks that you can prepare quickly and take along your journey.

10 Easy Recipes that You Should Try

Make your travel time more exciting and memorable by enjoying these healthy snacks.

1.    Crunchy Granola Bars

Crunchy granola bars are the tasteful and perfect travel snacks you should take along if you plan a long drive. Crunchy granola bars are a heavenly combination of nuts, dried fruits,  and oats.


·      Maple or Honey syrup (1-2 cups)

·      Almond butter (1-2 tsp)

·      Salt

·      Vanilla extract (1tsp)

·      Raisins and cranberries

How To Make

·      Heat your oven and take a bowl to mix the ingredients.

·      Take a pan, heat honey, mix the almond butter, and add salt.

·      Then mix up both pre-mixed materials and put them in the oven for 20 minutes.

2.    Savory Trail Mix

One of the best snacks for travel adventures to keep you up and energetic.


·      Sunflower Seeds

·      Mixed nuts (Much as you like)

·      Pumpkin seeds (1/4 cup)

·      Olive oil (1 tsp)

How To Make

·      Take a medium size bowl and first mix all the ingredients, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and pretzels, and then mix the herbs with olive oil and put it away for 5 minutes

·      Beat the ingredients in both steps and put them in the oven

·      Wait for 10 -15 minutes until it is baked properly

3.    Homemade Protein Balls

Protein balls are way better snacks than other pre-packed or even homemade snacks. The benefit of this snack is that you will not require a meal for the next 4.


·      Honey ( 1 -2 tsp)

·      Peanut Butter ( 2 tbs)

·      Cocoa Powder

·      Vanilla Powder ( according to the taste you want)

·      Cranberries

·      Walnuts

How To Make

·      Mix ingredients and dried fruit in a bowl together

·      Take a glass bowl and spread honey and peanut butter on it and then mix it with other ingredients

·      Then put it in the oven and leave it for 15 minutes until it gets baked.

4.    Veggie Wraps

Veggie wraps are soft and delightful snacks known as the best travel snacks. These are easy to make and don't require special ingredients or sauces.


·      Tortilla Warps (as much as you need)

·      A cucumber

·      Carrot

·      Spinach Leaves

How To Make

·      Wash all your veggies and then cut them into thin slices

·      Then lay wraps on a clean surface and spread sauces on the wraps

·      Now place sliced vegetables on the wraps and sprinkle salt and black paper

·      Now fold the wraps and enjoy it

5.    Fruit and Nut Energy Bites

What can be healthier and more delicious than these Fruit and nut energy bites?


·      Dates ( ½ cup)

·      Dried apricots ( 2 – 4)

·      chia seeds

·      vanilla extract

How To Make

·      Cut the fruits into small pieces

·      Mix the chopped fruit with vanilla extract until it forms a thick dough.

·      Now pick a small pebble size mixture and roll it between your palms

·      Once you have finished the mixture, place all the balls in a tray and put it in the fridge

·      Vary the ingredients as you like

6.    Greek Yogurt Parfait

The best healthy dessert you should eat while on the adventure to double your fun. Greek yogurt is made of cream, including fruit layers, to make you feel like you are living in heaven.


·      Yogurt

·      Mix Fruits (apple, barriers, banana, peach)

·      Granola ( just for sprinkle)

·      Honey (1/2 tbs)

·      Mint leave ( If you want)

How To Make

·      Cut down the fruits into small pieces.

·      Now take a cup and add a yogurt layer to it

·      Now add the fruits on top of the layer

·      Lastly, sprinkle the granola on top

·      Repeat the process and create layers

7.    Roasted Chickpeas

The only nutritious travel snack that you will ever need is Roasted chickpeas. They are delicious and crispy.


·      dried chickpeas ( as much as you need)

·      Olive oil ( 2 tsp)

·      Cumin

·      Black paper and salt

·      Paprika

How To Make

·      Heat your oven and get an aluminum foil for the baking

·      Now dry the chickpeas and properly bake them until they become crispy

·      Take a bowl and mix the necessary spices for the chickpeas in olive oil

·      Now dip the chickpeas in the mixture and fry it

8.    Veggie Chips

Healthy and 100% homemade veggie chips to make your day. These chips are far more tasteful and hygienic as compared to packed ones. Here is the process for making them


·      Sweet Potatoes ( As much you want to make)

·      Salt

·      Olive oil (2tsp)

·      Beets ( according to taste)

·      Carrots

How To Make

·      Wash and slice the vegetables

·      Now dip the vegetables in olive oil

·      Then fry the potatoes and make them crispy

·      Finally, add sliced vegetables to it

9.    Cheese and Crackers

The rare combination of cheese and crackers makes your mouth wet. There is no special ingredient in making a tasteful snack


·      Any type of cheese you like

·      whole wheat crackers

·      Butter

·      (For extra topping, you can use anything you desire)

How To Make

·      Cut the cheese into pieces.

·      Now mix the crackers with the cheese.

·      Now separate the cracker from the extra cheese and add the cheese to another bowl.

·      If you want extra topping on crackers, you can do that, or you eat them with pure cheese.

10. Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

A peanut butter sandwich may sound too good to you, but once you have a bit from it, you won't regret it.


·      Banana (1 -2)

·      Bread (Much as you like to eat)

·      Peanut Butter  ( 1- 2ts)

How To Make

·      Spread the peanut butter on a new bread piece

·      Then slice a banana and place it in between the slice

·      For the extra topping, you can use sprinkles

Enjoy Your Travels

Planning to hang out with your family? Then don't forget to have homemade snacks with you that we have shared in this article.