What is the Best Wine for Every Occasion?


When you're attending a special occasion, you can cherish every moment of your life with a perfect choice of drink. Wine is a versatile and fail-proof gift in the UK since it conveys a feeling of maturity, sophistication, and relaxation.

With so many wine bottles, making the right choice has become daunting. Choosing the best wine for an occasion depends on your taste, aroma, tannin, acidity, and alcoholic level. There are a variety of flavors to choose from - red, white, sparkling, rose, or sweet wine.

Consider the best type of wine depending on your occasion. So, check out the simple guide to know which wine compliments best.

1.Barbecue Party

For a barbeque party, fruity, dry wines won't fight the spiced and seasoned barbeque items. Dry wines are just like drinking BBQ sauce. Most people choose 'Malbec' or 'Syrah' wine from Australia, Argentina, and South Africa at barbeque events.


2.Afternoon Picnic

You should look for sparkling and refreshing drinks when drinking on a hot summer day. So, you'll love the 'cremant' flavor. It's a French word for sparkling wine. A lighter style wine from France is 'bubbly.' But it doesn't match the level of a true champagne.

3.Red Meaty Party

If you have a red meat steaks menu, it will mess up your wine selection. The 'Red Bordeaux' wine version is a savory merlot-based soft drink. It's a versatile crowd-pleaser every time. 'Sparkling Rose' is a chilled wine that goes well with red meat.

4.Dinner Meaty Party

At home, are you holding a meaty party with chicken tikkas and lamb kebabs? You can pair the juicy meat with red wine. As red wines are more acidic than normal ones, it aids the digestion of meat. Bring 'merlot' wine at such dinner parties. But if you don't want to go for red wines, choose a peculiar 'sparkling rose.'


5.Vegan Dinner Party

It seems daunting to pair the wines with veggies. Since vegetarian foods are light dishes, a softer and delicate grenache syrah like cotes du rhone or sauvignon blanc works well. 'Cotes du Rhone' is a light bistro wine that is readily accessible and drinkable. In contrast, 'sauvignon blanc' has a refined taste with veggie cuisines.

6.Eating Pasta

One of the Italian varieties, barbera is a light and versatile wine that complements tomato-based dishes like pasta. Wine chasers consider dry 'Pinot Grigio' or 'Gaby a great table white wine. It's a basic, dry, light, and affordable drink.

7.Housewarming Party

For a housewarming party, you must choose a crowd-pleaser, the best drink everyone would like. Choosing 'Pinot Noir' is a safe bet. Most casual drinkers love this wine due to its grape flavor and inexpensiveness. You'll also find it everywhere.

8.Family Gatherings

Whether you're planning a Sunday brunch or special dinner, each one will have savory dishes, creamy desserts, and yummy side snacks. So, complement the wine flavor with different tastes and set the range of offerings.

'Dry Riesling' forms a great pair with any main course. It is a peachy and citrus-refreshing wine for the palate. Besides this, 'syrah' wine complements a heavy main course with different types of meat at a dinner party.

Furthermore, a classic 'Chianti' wine is suggested for simple gatherings since it brings out the flavors of the most basic dishes. Another staple is a 'Spanish merlot' that works well with juicy and succulent meat items.

9.Big Celebrations

Want to crack open a bottle of wine in a vast crowd or outdoors? For this, choose a popular, smooth, flavor-adaptable drink. Grape flavors like a 'rose bottle' for an outdoor picnic or occasion. And a 'carmine bottle' with a strong, smooth flavor for backyard BBQ fun works best.

Besides this, you can satisfy your guests with a 'bottle of cabernet sauvignon' at corporate celebrations, such as promotional events or extensive ceremonial functions. However, a sparkling wine called 'bubbly' would be your best bet for personal celebrations like birthday parties.

10.Dessert Fun

Many wine lovers think pairing wine drinks with dessert means they should be sweet. But that's not right. A familiar and favorite choice is the Madeira Islands (coast of Portugal) 'rainwater wine,' also known as pecan pie. It has a nutty and salty taste, not overly sweet. You can serve this mild, nutty wine with chocolate, fruits, and cheesy or savory desserts.

11.Having Seafood

You can pair up a shellfish, oyster, or briny seafood with a southern French wine named 'muscat.' It's a super inexpensive choice. Another buttery and oak-flavored wine that is citrusy and exquisite for all types of seafood is 'Chablis chardonnay.'

12.Pregaming Night

Before heading out, coat your mouth and stomach with sugary wine. 'Sparkling cava' has less alcohol, an inexpensive drink ready to fill your bellies. 'Provence Rose' is also a fun pinky party wine.

13.Drinking Alone

Are you having your own best company? Sitting alone, pouring a glass of wine, and sipping after a stressful day is fun. Picking a wine for yourself seems subjective. Some love the acidic red wines, while others prefer softer white or rose wines.

Open a 'Sauvignon Blanc' bottle if you've had your perfect tummy-full dinner. These white wines would be better since they are lighter, easy to drink, and don't cause acidity like red hot wines. Pick whatever you want; it's your choice, fate, and destiny.

14.Make Your Wine Fit for the Occasion

You can consider the quality or type of wine without feeling it. Make socializing and drinking unique for your guests with customized wine bottles. Display a precise and decorative label of the occasion and the event date on the wine bottle. It'll satisfy the guests about the event's souvenirs and let them enjoy a couple of sips.


Wine is a staple for an occasion and a perfect pair to a meal. Check the wine flavors complementing your cuisines. Sometimes, you can serve both types of red and white wines while leaving the rest to your guest's choice. But you've to be selective for the most prominent events.