Top 10 Traditional Breakfasts from Around the World to Try


You have heard a lot about different cuisines and fiery flavors of meals, but this time, we are taking you to corners of the world where you will experience mouthwatering breakfasts. We all know breakfast is more important for humans than lunch or dinner because you get the energy to work a whole day, but in every region worldwide, the breakfast tradition is quite different. In this article, we will talk about 10 different traditional breakfasts.

Top 10 Traditional Breakfasts in World

Here is the list of 10 different countries that serve the unique breakfast you will ever experience

1.    Brazil – Café Da Manhã 

For the people of Brazil, having breakfast is not a starter meal but a feeling. The vibrant land of Brazil not only offers fascinating nature views and serves a delicious breakfast made with care and love. Like the usual morning routine, you can have anything you would like to eat, but getting a "Café Da Manhã” is a traditional breakfast in Brazil. Most Brazilian start their day with "Café Da Manhã," which includes a variety of other dishes like "Pão De Queijo," As café da manhã became a popular trend in Brazil not so soon, it was converted into their tradition.

2.    Cambodia – Ah Mok 

The land of breathtaking nature offers a radiantly beautiful morning breakfast. If you may visit the land, you will be served by "Ah Mok." Ah, Mok is Cambodia's traditional breakfast containing fresh coconut milk and chicken marinated in local spices or lightly steamed fish. You can also get desired vegetables or herbs if you want to, but they are precisely included in their traditional breakfast menu. You can also go for rice noodles and delicious sauces on the Ah Mok menu. These two items are offered in Ah Mok traditional breakfast.

3.    China – Congee

China is the land of culture and old traditions. It is also famous for providing the world's most delicious breakfast that is not just free of hot chili spices but also healthy. According to the old tradition, Chinese people love to eat rice porridge with their desired topping. In China, this traditional breakfast is known as “Congee." Speaking to topping on congee, you have different options like meat, vegetables, and different flavored seafood, making it more delicious and elegant

4.    Denmark – Smørrebrød

Denmark is famous worldwide because of its beauty and the caring community of people who treat visitors as family. Besides the beautiful nature, Denmark offers the old classical breakfast to make your morning even more charming.

The specialty of Denmark's traditional breakfast is simplicity and quality ingredients. This breakfast is known as “Smørrebrød," It is a simple single on-faced open piece of bread with the topping of smoked salmon, pickle, and a unique cheese with some vegetables. Smoked salmon often includes Icelandic yogurt or granola with hot coffee or tea to make your meal even more special.

5.    Turkey – Kahvalti

This Turkish breakfast not only melts the heart of the local community but also pleases the visitors and tourists who step into this land. This Turkish breakfast, "kaval," is not just an ordinary or routine breakfast. Kaval is one of the most lavish meals eaten in the morning instead of the regular breakfast. Kahvalti is planned chiefly on the weekends with friends and family members. The most common ingredients that you can eat are boiled eggs, sucuk, börek, fresh herbs, honey or jam, etc. The experience of Kahvalti in Turkey is truly unique and remarkable.

6.    Switzerland – Frühstück

 Switzerland holds the secret of the most yummy and delightful breakfast. This attractive breakfast is known as "Zmorge" or "Frühstück," which reflects their old culture and a respected tradition. Frühstück doesn't offer any lavish cuisine then a simple but healthy breakfast to stay active for a day. Frühstück includes a localy freash baked bread with a special cheese toping  of Gruyère or muesli. You will get a mixture of oats, nuts, dried fruits, fresh thick yogurt, and cheese bread.

7.    Egypt – Ful Medames

Besides the pyramid of Ghiza, Egypte is also known for its hot, mouthwatering “ Ful Medames." Ful Medames offers slow-cooked fava beans with the special topping of chopped tomatoes sprinkled with chili flakes and cumin. This cumin Ful Medames is mainly eaten with special Egyptian or baladi bread to give you the authentic traditional taste of Egypt’s land and complete your delightful breakfast. You will have a dark brown or black colored tea called “karkadeh."

8.    France – Petit Déjeuner

The place that we must recommend you visit at least once in life just to enjoy a hot, heartwarming breakfast. Understandably, France has deep roots in culinary mastery and gastronomic traditions, but their breakfast “ Petit-déjeuner" is on the whole next level.

Petit-déjeuner is a traditional breakfast for the people of France that includes pain au chocolat, freshly baked baguette, and various jams and Nutella to spread on your soft bread. No doubt that their traditional breakfast is quite simple, but there's a substitute for its taste

9.    Australia – Brekkie

It will be regrettable if you never try to visit Australia and taste “brekkie." Brekkie is one of the oldest traditional breakfasts that is still alive in Australia. To fuel the day ahead, nothing can compete with Brekkie. Brekkie offers the classic dish “Aussie," which includes crispy bacon, eggs, and flavored sausages. This breakfast is very delightful and best for people of all ages.

10. Greece – Proino

A place more than just a paradise offers its unique and traditional breakfast, "Proino." Proino is energetic because it includes pure Greek yogurt mixed with a special type of honey and dried fruits to make it more immersing. Along with this tasty yogurt, you will have a big piece of freshly baked bread. As a compliment, if you are caffeine addicted, you can also ask for dark coffee to make you active and productive.


In this guide, we have shared the top 10 places still keeping their breakfast tradition alive. So without wasting any time, you should visit one of these places in your lifetime.