Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Exotic Fruits and Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are essential for having a balanced diet and a staple for nutritious food. We all have heard how important it is to add fruits and veggies to your daily food to get all the minerals and vitamins in them—most people like eating fruits and vegetables, but the ones locally available in the market.


Some exotic fruits and vegetables provide significant health benefits, but because they are not readily available, people cannot eat them. In this article, you will learn the hidden benefits of the most exotic fruits and vegetables, and it will surely motivate you to find these unknown food items and incorporate them into your daily meals. So, let's jump right into the article.

Top 10 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables with Their Benefits:

We all know that there are some fantastic and exotic foods that not many people know. We have mentioned some of the best and most exotic fruits you should eat for many health benefits.

1. Cherimoya:

Cherimoya, the custard apple, looks like a pine cone and has grey, scaly skin. This fruit has a soft white pulp and also has some large black seeds inside it. This type of food is present in the tropical America. This fantastic food is lovely and pulpy in feel, which melts in your mouth.


Regarding nutritional values, Cherimoyas are packed with vitamins A and C and have iron, calcium, and magnesium. This food can give you a lot of energy and is perfect for daily nutrition.

2. Cupuaçu:

Cupuaçu is another exotic fruit that is chocolatey and pineapple-flavoured. It is found in the Amazon but is not commonly available. Cupuaçu is rich in vitamins B1, B2, and even B3; you will also get a good amount of Vitamin A and C if you eat this food. Cupuaçu also has antioxidant properties that will keep you away from different cancers.

3. Goji Berry:

Found in Asia, Goji Berry is widely used in Chinese medicine. This fruit is known for its immunoreactive ingredients that play a vital role in cancer. According to the research, goji berries are fantastic for stopping cancer growth and preventing it from clogging.

4. Duration:

Another exotic food on our list that only a few people know about is Durain. This fruit is found in Malaysia in various colours, such as yellow, white, red, and green.


As far as nutritional values are concerned, it will help in the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps to keep a person relaxed. It also helps regulate blood pressure by providing potassium in the body. It is also suitable for skin pigmentation and keeping the skin fresh.

5. Feijoa:

Feijoa, or pineapple guava, is a fantastic fruit with a sweet and tangy flavour. This fruit is native to southern Brazil and northern Argentina and even found in some parts of Columbia. Regarding nutritional values, this fruit is high in fibre and has good Vitamin C. It also provides folic acid, potassium, and magnesium to the body.

There is also a good content of antioxidants that help with digestion and even stimulate the brain's cognitive functions.

6. Broccoli:

In the past, people didn't know about broccoli; however, now, it has become one of the people's favourites. It is considered the powerhouse for different nutrients and has very few calories. Broccoli is excellent for people who are suffering from obesity and heart disease. It also helps prevent diabetes, improves hair health, and makes the skin glowy.


7. Bok Choy:

Bok Choy is from the broccoli family; however, only a few people know about it. It is an Asian vegetable that is very good for health, especially for people who want to strengthen their bones. Bok Choy has a high amount of calcium, making the bones strong and healthy.

8. Chinese Cabbage:

We are sure you have heard about cabbage, but what is Chinese cabbage? This vegetable is grown mainly in China and is frequently used in Asian dishes. This cabbage has a thin, crisp texture that feels goofy and crummy while eating.

If we talk about the health benefits of this veggie, then it is filled with different Vitamins such as B6, K, and C. It is also low in calories and antioxidants, making it suitable for people with heart diseases and even good for cancer patients.

9. Cherry Tomato:

Even though cherry tomatoes are half the size of regular-sized tomatoes, they have double the health benefits and nutritional values. This vegetable is also packed with a high amount of natural sugar that enhances its taste but doesn't harm the body like regular sugar. These veggies are commonly used in salads and other dishes to add sweetness to the food.

Cherry tomatoes have a high concentration of calcium. It also has Vitamin C, beta carotene, and other antioxidants that make your body healthy and more robust to fight against diseases.

10. Asparagus:

Asparagus is also an exotic veggie that not everyone can find easily. This vegetable also has fantastic health benefits because it contains vitamins and minerals such as copper, calcium, protein, and fibre. It is also low in fat and offers few calories, hence a perfect vegetable for people on a diet.


There are a lot of different fruits and vegetables in the world, and the funny thing is people don't even know half of them. Exotic fruits and vegetables are the most underrated food items because they are very yummy and offer many health benefits. Therefore, the list mentioned above is some of the best and most beneficial exotic veggies and fruits you can incorporate into your daily meal and take advantage of their nutritional value.