Top 10 Exotic Fruits You Should Try at Least Once


When people think about exotic fruits, they usually think of coconuts and limes. However, there are many other tasty tropical fruits to try. Each person brings particular preferences, emotions, and variations to the food. Who doesn't like the delicious taste of tropical fruits? Each of these fruits tastes good and should be noticed today. It is an excellent time to eat fruits that usually grow in warm places and learn how to cook with them. Here is a list of exotic fruits you should try at least once!

1.Passion Fruit

People like passion fruits because they taste perfect and fruity. This thing has a rugged, leather-like covering, and inside is a soft and squishy part filled with seeds. You can remove the seeds if you don't enjoy the sour taste. If you don't want to change anything, you can use them as they are. You will see delicious golden seeds When you remove the pink or yellow covering. We like to eat the squishy and jelly-like part of the passion fruit. Passion fruit is a delicious fruit that can be used to make a yummy jelly. You can have fun eating it on cakes, toast, or even adding it to your drinks.

2.Dragon Fruit

It is called that because the outside is rough like scales, but the inside can be pink or white. Dragon fruit is now trendy. However, lots of cooks need to gain more knowledge about it. Both the pink and white dragon fruits have little black seeds. Don't worry about how the fruit looks because it tastes perfect.

3.Buddha's Hand

Buddha's hand is often used in recipes because it adds a tangy and citrus flavor with its zest. This fruit is different from most fruits because you can't eat it since it has no pulp.

We are still determining exactly where this strange fruit came from, but historians think Buddhist monks from northeastern India brought it to China while traveling. This peculiar yellow fruit looks like fingers, similar to the fingers on a Buddha statue.


The fruit's outer layer doesn't look normal; it appears rough or uneven. Cherimoya is a large green fruit that looks like a heart and has separate parts. When the fruit is ripe, the inside is mushy and white. Some think it tastes like a combination of peach, papaya, pineapple, strawberry and banana. If the cherimoya fruit looks scary on the outside, you must be cautious because it has poisonous seeds.


The Vietnamese name for Rambutan fruits is "chôm chôm" because they look untidy and hairy from the outside. These fruits are not dangerous because they do not have sharp hairs. Some individuals think it has the flavor of grapes. This incredible fruit has a taste and texture similar to lychee, with a soft and juicy part inside.



Mangosteens are a fruit that tastes like a blend of sweet and tangy. You will enjoy mangosteen fruit soon because it has many health benefits. The inside of the fruit tastes perfect and is white like snow. However, getting to it is tricky because the outside is tough and rigid. However, the fruit is so delicious that it makes all the effort worthwhile.


Gooseberries are becoming more like in the US and growing in new places in North America. The gooseberry is a fruit that grows on a small bush with branches with thorns. This plant has flowers resembling bells and comes in different colors like green, orange, or red.

This fruit is a good option if you want to have more fiber in your diet. Ripe gooseberries are a type of fruit that are reddish-purple, and they taste sweet. They are excellent for making jam or sauce with berries.


Persimmon tastes different, even though it may look like a tomato. You can choose between two ways of eating it: cut it into small pieces and eat it right away, or wait for it to become soft and sweeter, similar to a cantaloupe. The meat tastes delicious and gives a lot of energy, making everyone happy.



The pomelo is a fruit that resembles an older version of a grapefruit. The pomelo tastes sour and tangy. People all around the world use the whole pomelo fruit in various ways. Pomelo is a tasty fruit you can use in different ways for cooking. For example, you can make yummy desserts by using the skin of this fruit or adding its juice to make tasty beverages.

The main thing is to choose a ripe pomelo for the most delicious flavor. The pomelo is like a grapefruit but is less strong or intense in flavor. Find a pomelo that is completely yellow and doesn't have any green parts to ensure it is fully ripe.


Many people who cook at home are afraid to use jackfruit because it appears unusual. However, beneath its rough exterior is a tasty and soft fruit full of juice. After you remove the hard and spiky outer skin, you will discover a delicious and smooth fruit inside. It tastes like when you mix an apple and a banana. When the fruit is fully grown, it becomes lovely. An immature jackfruit tastes similar to pulled pork or chicken, so that vegans can use it as a meat substitute. It tastes perfect when you eat jackfruit with fruits like mangoes and pineapple. It is yummy when you eat it immediately, cooked as flat round cakes or spread on slices of bread for sandwiches.


These fruits are commonly found in Southeast Asia. Some fruits have fur, some are pink, and some have a white, mushy pulp. These fruits are delicious and attractive, so you should experience them at least once.