5 Must-Try Healthy Smoothie Recipes for an Energy Boost


Do you hit an afternoon slump and feel your energy fade? Are you tempted to reach for coffee, cookies or soda for a quick fix? What if there is a better solution for boosting your energy levels without the dreaded caffeine crash later?

So, keep reading this article, we'll share 5 all star ingredient energizing smoothie recipes that you'll want to try this week. Smoothies made from real, whole foods can provide lasting vitality when that midday fatigue hits.

5 Reasons to Try Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies also deliver ample protein, healthy fats, and easily absorbed vitamins & minerals. Not only delicious, but these nutrient dense liquids pack tremendous nutritional punch!

Why not try whipping up one of these smoothie recipes later today for a nourishing energy lift to get you through the rest of your afternoon without hunger?

1.     PB & Cacao Bliss Smoothie

5 Must-Try Healthy Smoothie Recipes for an Energy Boost

This luscious chocolate and peanut butter smoothie feels sinfully indulgent. But the ingredients bananas, peanut butter, cacao powder, almond milk and ice have staying power.

Enjoy the nutritious blend of energizing complex carbs, muscle building protein, cognition enhancing healthy fats and stress reducing magnesium and potassium.

Have all the makings to whip up this craveable yet nourishing smoothie soon?

2.     Green Tea Matcha Zing Smoothie

Savor the nutty flavor of antioxidant rich matcha green tea powder swirled with mango, banana and coconut milk in this refreshing pick me up smoothie. The natural caffeine in green tea energizes gently without the crash later.

Studies show matcha can boost focus, mood and metabolism too. With a tropical fruity flavor, you'll down this vibrant green smoothie fast.

Have ripe mangoes ready to turn into an afternoon matcha smoothie burst this week?

3.     Espresso Protein Powerhouse Smoothie

Coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix in a healthier way with this frothy, protein-packed coffee smoothie. The trifecta of banana, peanut butter and espresso combine tastily with protein powder and almond milk.

Enjoy the coffee's energy lift without dehydration or blood sugar spikes and drops. The 20 grams of protein promote satiety keeping you energized for hours.

Have the ingredients on hand to blend this balanced coffee protein smoothie that gives a nice caffeine boost without the negative effects later?

4.     Blueberry Brain Booster Smoothie

You'll be amazed how the simple combo of blueberries, banana and Greek yogurt can sharpen your thinking and productivity. The fruits offer antioxidants for brain health, while the yogurt provides sustaining protein.

Sprinkle in chia seeds as an anti-inflammatory omega 3 boost. Not only delicious, you'll feel focused for the rest of your workday.

Ready to turn fresh blueberries into a delightful smoothie that can boost your afternoon brain power?

5 Must-Try Healthy Smoothie Recipes for an Energy Boost

5.     Green Machine Energy Smoothie

Popeye had the right idea downing a green drink to perk up! Packed with greens like spinach, kale or swiss chard plus mango, banana, ginger and protein powder, this smoothie floods your body with vitamins, minerals and gut healthy fiber.

The mix of nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds boosts energy production, mental clarity and immunity simultaneously.

Have the ingredients on hand to whirl up this super green elixir later?


Didn't know whipping up smoothies could be so fun and tasty while enhancing your afternoon energy? Ready to give your afternoons a healthy lift by trying one of these revitalizing smoothie recipes?

Let's ditch the junk food and unnecessary caffeine hits. Instead power up with whole food smoothies using real ingredients that nourish you beautifully!


Q. What can you add to smoothies if trying to lose weight?

Ans. You can add low calorie fruits and veggies like spinach, kale, berries and pineapple to smoothies if trying to lose weight. Stay away from heavy ingredients like banana, avocado or nut butters.

Q. How long do smoothies keep in the fridge for you?

Ans. Most smoothies stay fresh in your fridge for up to 3 days when stored in an airtight container. To retain texture and flavor, try enjoying refrigerated smoothies within 48 hours.

Q. Do you have any tips for making smoothies more nutritious for me?

Ans. Always include fruits and vegetables. Boost nutrition with seeds like chia, hemp or flax or nuts like almonds or walnuts. Pick nutritious liquids like almond milk and avoid sweetened yogurt or juice.